The DNA of IoT

World class innovation built on sound design methodology.

IoT Integration

Secure Platform Agnostic

IoT Sensor Design

Sensors to meet all needs

Platform Design

Applications built on a Distributed Platform

IoT Planning

Plan and integrate IoT infrastructure

Who We Are

We are a team of multi disciplionary innovators fusing IoT with healthcare using AI and Blockchain.

MLI Dynamics
Gateway integrates the IoT nodes

Innovative, Secure & Scalable. Just bring your challenges & ideas. We will integrate it to your business.

Why Choose Us

Fueling innovation

Turnkey solutions

World Class Services.

Creative, smart & responsive

Platform agnostic

Technology Friendly


IoT Integration and Analytics


The gateway is part of the MLI Dynamics platform

Remote Management

All nodes have a device twin that defines the node in the cloud

Fraud Management

Rapid identification of fraud within each gateway realm and also at the node

Secure Messaging

All relevant communication is audited via secure messaging

4th Industrial Revolution

Designed, forged and built for the 4th industrial revolution

Machine Intelligence

All events are passed through AI engine for predictive analytics


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Our Team

Our all team members are passionate in healthcare & innovation using IoT.

Dr. Betty Mathew


Alumni of St. Vincents Medical Center, Connecticut
Passionate in the field of Radiology
& medical diagnosis.

Aby Mammen Mathew


Alumni of Southwestern Medical, Dallas.
Passionate in field of Engineering
& medical informatics.